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Detection solutions for beer spoiling organisms

Are you looking for a convenient & easy to use qPCR solution for the detection of beer spoilage yeast and bacteria?

R-Biopharm presents detection solutions for beer spoiling organisms and invites you to take part in an online presentation to be held on Wednesday, 2nd June at

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The online seminar will be held in English and take approximately 1 hour.

Either extremely fast or maximal sensitive detection or specific identification is possible by combining different methods of sample preparation and detection with real-time PCR. The GEN-IAL kits enable the detection and identification of beer spoilage bacteria and yeast in various sample types including in-process and final product samples.

Learn more about

  • DNA extraction solutions (from yeast propagation tanks to bottled product)
  • Concentration of spoilage bacteria from large volumes (e.g. kegs)
  • Lyophilized multiplex kits for the simultaneous detection of yeast and bacteria

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