Date: 2021/02/01 - 2021/02/03

Hotel Casa Amsterdam, Eerste Ringdijkstraat, Amsterdam, Niederlande



How can you optimize your analysis? Which new technologies improve sample extraction and preparation? And how can you make your analysis process not only faster, but also more accurate, sensitive and cost effective?

These are the topics at the 13th conference in the Rapid Methods Europe series (RME) – a series of conferences that, since its beginnings in 2004, has developed to be an important meeting for industry and academia. The conference is dedicated to innovations and breakthroughs in rapid analysis and diagnostics across the agri-food, water, animal health and healthcare sectors. This 13th edition will also include new developments in rapid methods for the detection of plant pests and diseases. Moreover, various presentations, poster sessions and workshops will cover topics such as microbiology, mycotoxins, allergens, genetically modified organisms, pesticides, drug residues, chemical contaminants, nanoparticles, food fraud and blockchain.

Visit the R-Biopharm booth and learn how to make your analysis more efficient!

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