DON: How contaminated is our grain?

Moldy bread is easy to recognize for the consumer. But mold can already develop in the field and contaminate the harvest. More dangerous than the mold fungus itself are the toxins it produces, [...]

Beware of mycotoxins in oats

Consumption of oats in North America and Europe has been increasing for several years now. With their high content of vitamins, minerals and fiber, they are a valuable addition to the diet. But [...]

Sampling: the key to reliable analysis

In mycotoxin analysis, the reliability of a test result depends not only on the test system used. Representative sampling and appropriate sample preparation have a much greater influence.

Well equipped for mycotoxin analysis

Mycotoxins are a major concern for the grain industry. In Europe, the last year has been particularly demanding as the damp weather promoted mildew and, thus, the formation of mycotoxins. The [...]

R-Biopharm at WMF meets IUPAC 2016

In two months we will be on our way: On June 6, “WMF meets IUPAC” opens its doors in Winnipeg. It’s the world’s biggest conference on mycotoxins and we’re still busy planning. Today, we want to [...]

Aflatoxins in nuts: An overlooked hazard?

Nuts are a tasty snack. We love them in pecan pie, in mueslis, cereal bars, chocolates and in hazelnut spreads. Plus, nuts are said to have positive health effects. Yet, nuts may be contaminated [...]

Mycotoxin analysis via smartphone

When detecting mycotoxins in food, speed is a decisive factor. It is essential that the analysis can be performed on-site within a minimum of time. Now there is a new solution for mycotoxin [...]

Aflatoxin M1 found in Parmesan cheese

Cheese analysis – a challenge detecting Aflatoxin M1   Cheese is a challenging matrix for aflatoxin M1 analysis, but scientists in Brazil using R-Biopharm AFLAPREP® M immunoaffinity [...]

Baby Food Analysis

AFLAOCHRA PREP® columns recommended for baby food analysis In the April 2014 issue of Journal of Chromatography A 1337: 75-84, Desmarchelier et al., from Nestle Research Centre in Switzerland, [...]