What to consider when producing histamine-free wine

Histamine is a biogenic amine which is naturally present in many foodstuffs – also in wine. Some people react to high histamine foods with headaches or other symptoms. More and more winemakers [...]

New wine regions: Viticulture shifts to the North

Climate change and an adaption to the EU regulation have made it possible: wine can be cultivated in more and more regions. This brings new challenges for winemakers – not least in the field of [...]

Brettanomyces: contaminant or quality feature?

Dekkera bruxellensis yeast, among winemakers and brewers also known as Brettanomyces bruxellensis (or „Brett“for short), strongly influences the flavor of wine and beer. The change in taste is [...]

Food fraud: the business of counterfeit whisky

Food fraud is a major problem for the beverage industry. High-priced spirits such as single malt whiskies are particularly subject to fraud. Here’s what you should know about food fraud in the [...]

Dekkera bruxellensis: New detection method for wine analysis

Dekkera bruxellensis is considered the most important spoilage yeast in the wine industry. It causes severe off-flavors of sweat, leather or horse. Early detection of a possible contamination is [...]

International Beer Day: This new technique speeds up beer analysis

Raise your glass: the first Friday in August is International Beer Day – a perfect day to enjoy a tasty brew. But unfortunately, beer doesn’t always taste as expected: beer spoilers can leave an [...]

The easiest way to perform on-site enzymatic tests

Whether you want to analyze wine, beer, fruit juices, sweets, dairy or meat products: Enzymatic methods for the determination of sugar, acid, alcohol and other food components have become an [...]

Wine analysis: How to determine acids in wine

An exciting time begins for all the wine enthusiasts: Most wineries have started bottling the 2015 vintage a few weeks ago. Soon, there will be the first presentations of the new vintage – which [...]

Spotlight on beer – International Beer Day

The first Friday of every August is international beer day. An excellent moment to put the spotlight on 2 quite different quality aspects of beer: gluten content and beer spoilage.