Mycotoxins: Make your analyses more reliable by using reference material

Mycotoxins are a major problem for global agriculture, with contaminations regularly causing crop losses. Reference materials, as part of quality assurance, are indispensable to reliably detect [...]

The 6 biggest challenges in mycotoxin analysis (and how to overcome them)

Mycotoxins are among the most important topics in food safety. However, analysis poses some challenges for laboratories as detection is a difficult task, and therefore, mycotoxins go undetected [...]

T-2 and HT-2 toxin: A threat to the grain harvest?

Grain harvest is well under way. This brings mycotoxins such as aflatoxin and ochratoxin into the focus again. However, also the less known mycotoxins T-2 and HT-2 toxin are a threat to harvest. [...]

Mycotoxin analysis via smartphone: new hope for farmers?

Mycotoxins are a big threat to agriculture. Particularly in developing countries, crops are often contaminated with mycotoxins – with dangerous consequences for the population. Modern technology [...]

Well equipped for mycotoxin analysis

Mycotoxins are a major concern for the grain industry. In Europe, the last year has been particularly demanding as the damp weather promoted mildew and, thus, the formation of mycotoxins. The [...]

Trichothecenes: Boost your mycotoxin analysis with multi-analyte testing

Fungal infections can reduce crop yields and can also give rise to mycotoxin contamination. There are many different types of mycotoxins and they often occur simultaneously. Test methods which [...]

Fusarium toxins in wheat: Here’s what farmers need to know now

Many farmers are currently concerned about Fusarium fungi: The humid climate of this year has created ideal conditions for moulds. The fungal toxins could cost farmers a significant part of their [...]

Mycotoxin analysis via smartphone

When detecting mycotoxins in food, speed is a decisive factor. It is essential that the analysis can be performed on-site within a minimum of time. Now there is a new solution for mycotoxin [...]

How eco-friendly is your mycotoxin analysis?

Organic solvents always played an important role in mycotoxin analysis.  However they have a negative impact on the environment and impose a hazard for the lab technician. Research showed that [...]