Antibiotic residues found in shrimps

Shrimps showing antibiotic contamination is not a new problem, but with the latest product recall of shrimps in Germany, it’s back in the headlines again. So should you stop eating shrimps?

Fish fraud: Lesson learned?

Last year, a study on food fraud attracted attention in Europe: one out of three fish dishes wasn’t what is said on the menu. Consumers and authorities were alarmed and called for stricter [...]

Food fraud: What’s really in our food?

Ever since the horsemeat scandal it is clear that our food isn’t always what we think it is. Food fraud cases emerge again and again – and consumers are increasingly concerned. Here are five food [...]

Histamine intolerance: What you need to know about eating fish

If you have histamine intolerance, you must avoid many foods: Histamine is present in a lot of products from eggs and cheese to meat and fish. If you don’t want to give up eating fish, here’s how [...]

Hepatitis A and Norovirus: emerging foodborne disease

Norovirus-Hepatitis A test: Detection by combined reverse transcriptase multiplex real-time PCR   The new multiplex real-time PCR Norovirus Hepatitis A test kit SureFast® Norovirus/Hepatitis [...]

Histamine detection in fish and fish meal

Test kit easy to use and rapid   Fish and fish meal can be easily analysed to histamine with the new test system RIDASCREEN® Histamin (enzymatic). Test gives reliable and robust results, [...]