Bovine lactoferrin as a food ingredient

Lactoferrin is a very powerful protein: it has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-allergic properties. Lactoferrin isolated from bovine milk is [...]

What to consider when producing histamine-free wine

Histamine is a biogenic amine which is naturally present in many foodstuffs – also in wine. Some people react to high histamine foods with headaches or other symptoms. More and more winemakers [...]

Gluten analysis explained: 10 questions and answers you should know

Codex standard, AOAC certification, R5 or G12 antibody: What does really matter in gluten analysis? We have collected 10 questions about gluten analysis that everyone in the food industry should [...]

Histamine: An underrated topic in food analysis?

The 20th Food Allergy Awareness Week will start on Sunday – a good opportunity to draw attention to a fairly unknown food intolerance: histamine intolerance. Here are five questions and answers [...]

Verotoxin: How to detect contamination and ensure safe food

Verotoxin-producing EHEC bacteria are a common cause of food-borne infections. Here’s what food producers should know about the risk associated with the pathogen and the methods of detection.

Improving allergen analysis: Research project receives subsidies

Together with the Fresenius University and the Geisenheim University, R-Biopharm is developing an improved ELISA method for the detection of food allergens. The federal state of Hesse is [...]

First validated allergen reference material is now available

Certified reference material plays a decisive role in food analysis. But so far, suitable material was missing for allergen analysis. Now, MoniQA Association has presented the first validated [...]

Gluten-free food: Standards and regulations you should know about

Producers of gluten-free food must comply with certain requirements in terms of labelling, manufacturing and analysis. From Codex Alimentarius to the AOECS standard and EU regulations: We have [...]

3 things you should know about eggs & allergen testing

The world is celebrating “World Egg Day” today. It’s no surprise that eggs are popular: they are affordable, versatile, tasty and packed with proteins. However, eggs are a major allergy trigger, [...]

Antibiotic residues in honey

September is National Honey Month in the USA. As it marks the end of the honey collection season, it’s a good moment to focus on the natural sweetener – which is not always as natural as one [...]