Brettanomyces: contaminant or quality feature?

Dekkera bruxellensis yeast, among winemakers and brewers also known as Brettanomyces bruxellensis (or „Brett“for short), strongly influences the flavor of wine and beer. The change in taste is [...]

Fish fraud: Lesson learned?

Last year, a study on food fraud attracted attention in Europe: one out of three fish dishes wasn’t what is said on the menu. Consumers and authorities were alarmed and called for stricter [...]

Food fraud: What’s really in our food?

Ever since the horsemeat scandal it is clear that our food isn’t always what we think it is. Food fraud cases emerge again and again – and consumers are increasingly concerned. Here are five food [...]

Dekkera bruxellensis: New detection method for wine analysis

Dekkera bruxellensis is considered the most important spoilage yeast in the wine industry. It causes severe off-flavors of sweat, leather or horse. Early detection of a possible contamination is [...]

International Beer Day: This new technique speeds up beer analysis

Raise your glass: the first Friday in August is International Beer Day – a perfect day to enjoy a tasty brew. But unfortunately, beer doesn’t always taste as expected: beer spoilers can leave an [...]

Hidden allergen detection in spices

Peanut traces in cumin cause risk for consumers with food allergy A recent recall in Canada and the USA once more stressed the importance of allergen detection in spices and other food [...]

Avian Influenza H5N8 outbreak in Europe

Rapid screening by reverse transcriptase qPCR – analytic test kits available   The recent outbreaks of the avian influenza subtype H5N8 in three European countries had substantial [...]

Hepatitis A and Norovirus: emerging foodborne disease

Norovirus-Hepatitis A test: Detection by combined reverse transcriptase multiplex real-time PCR   The new multiplex real-time PCR Norovirus Hepatitis A test kit SureFast® Norovirus/Hepatitis [...]