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  • RIDASCREEN® Bacitracin Art. No. R2901
  • RIDA® Tetracyclin Spiking Solution Art. No. R3599
  • Processed assay controls for gluten analysis available:
    Set of 3 processed Gliadin Assay Controls Art. Nr. R7012
  • Enzytec™ Glucose Remover Art. No. E3400
  • How to ensure gluten-free beer?
  • SureFood® PCR products from our partner
    CONGEN Biotechnologie GmbH, Berlin
  • News from our cooperation partner GEN-IAL
  • Information from R-Biopharm Rhône, Scotland
  • Fairs and conferences
  • Allergen Workshop (LFD, ELISA, PCR) 10/2014
  • Vitamin Workshop (HPLC, VitaFast®, ELISA) 10/2014


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