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  • RIDASCREEN® Histamin(enzymatic) Art. Nr. R1605
  • Compact Dry – Food Microbiology Testing Made Easier
  • RIDA® Extraction Solution (colorless) Art. No. R7098
  • RIDA® Extraction Solution / Extraktions-Lösung Art. No. R7099
  • RIDASCREEN® Methyltestosteron Art. No. R3611
  • Restructuring of SureFood® PREP and SureFast® PREP kits from September 2014
  • Launch of new immunoaffinity column for aflatoxin M1 analysis Art. No. RBRP124
  • AFLAOCHRAPREP® columns recommended for baby food analysis
  • Scientists discover simpler vitamin analysis
  • Fairs and conferences
  • Allergen Workshop (LFD, ELISA, PCR) October 2014
  • real-time PCR Workshop Pathogens / Virus and Animal ID November 2014
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