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Currently we still have some reference materials in stock at R-Biopharm that are no longer available from Trilogy®. The list gives an overview. These are only very limited amounts!

Find stock list Reference Materials for Mycotoxins only from Darmstadt

A list about availability of mycotoxin reference materials is obtainable at -Products/mycotoxin reference materials as well as the certificates of analysis – Technical Info/MSDS/COA.

The majority of the reference materials on this list are in stock at R-Biopharm, however it may occur a specific mycotoxin reference material is not in stock (yet) and must be ordered separately from Trilogy®. Please also keep in mind that some mycotoxin reference materials might be no longer available due to the limited amount of natural contaminated products.

Please contact R-Biopharm for details about actual availability and potential alternatives if a reference material is no longer available

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