Online seminar:

Virus detection in food and environmental samples using real-time PCR

Detection of human-pathogenic virus, in particular of SARS CoV-2 for clinical application is of global interest. No report of foodborne infection has been confirmed yet and seems not to be likely, however, the application of real-time PCR for surface testing, eventually for food and water testing is of increasing interest for SARS CoV-2 as well as for Norovirus.

Our experience with the relevant virus kits will be shared in this online seminar:

  • Sample preparation
  • Nucleic acid preparation
  • Real-time PCR analysis

R-Biopharm invites you to take part in an online presentation to be held on Thursday, 4th of February at two different times to take into account the different time zones. Please check which time is more convenient to you. Use these links to check your local time.


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