Intended use:

Surface sampling device consisting of a sterile swab in 1 ml sterile PBS / peptone water buffer for sampling, transport and subsequent quantitative detection of present microorganisms in combination with Compact Dry culture medium plates.

General information:

The Compact Dry Swab is a tool for sampling surfaces in the production environment of food producers. The buffer within the tube is used to stabilize the collected microorganisms during transport. The sample needs to be homogenously distributed in the buffer before applying it to a Compact Dry plate. To drop the sample liquid onto the plate use the outlet in the bottom of the Compact Dry Swab.

Inoculated plates have to be incubated and evaluated according to the corresponding Instruction For Use (IFU) which is given for each individual Compact Dry type.



Art. No. ZCS1002953
Test format 40 Swab Units in total,
each unit consists of: 1 swab in a transport tube with 1 ml of sterile PBS / peptone water buffer.
Sample preparation For swab tests
InstructionsGerman/English (German) (English) (French) (Italian) (Spanish)
Links Old Manual for Compact Dry Swab 2016-02-08
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