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The RIDA® Clean Extract is a sample preparation kit for oil-containing emulsions, lubricants, paints and comparable solutions to make them suitable for measurement of ATP with LuciPac® Pen AQUA (ZLA1002672) and Lumitester SMART (ZSMART) / Lumitester PD-30 (ZLT1402653). High concentrations of microorganisms which can have blight on the properties of these emulsions can be detected fast and efficiently using this system of ATP measurement subsequently to sample preparation with RIDA® Clean Extract.

General information:

Special microorganisms (bacteria or filamentous fungi) can grow in oil-containing liquids or lubricants or paints and change the nature of the liquid by their metabolism. This may lead to damages of e.g. motors, pumps or gears. The detection of the bacteria has to be done by classical cultivation on agar plates, yet. Results are very often available not earlier then after 2 – 5 days. Fast and appropriate counter-measures on contaminations are often not possible, anymore. Using RIDA® Clean Extract the detection of microbial contaminations can be done within a few minutes.


Art. No. ZLPP1002673
Test format Each sample preparation kit contains sufficient reagents for preparation of 20 samples.
Reagent L1 + Reagent L2 + pipettes
Evaluation Bioluminescence
External link I Video: practical use of the Lumitester + LuciPac Pen
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