Intended use:

RIDA®STAMP Salmonella is an agar for the detection of Salmonella on surfaces. The RIDA®STAMP plates consist of a special 10 cm2 petri dish containing organism specific agar which is protruding above the surface of the plate in order to allow direct contact with the selected flat surface or solid food sample.

Regular sampling on cleaned and sanitised surfaces will lead to a complete quantitative hygiene monitoring process. Repeated controls will play a part in contributing to good workplace hygiene according to the concept of HACCP and support GMP guidelines.

General Information:

Especially in the production of food from animal origin it is most likely that Salmonella finds its way onto the surfaces during the processing of contaminated raw materials. Regular controls for the presence of Salmonella on the surfaces have to be added to the general hygiene testing to avoid contaminations of food stuff with potentially pathogenic organisms.

Differentiation of Salmonella on RIDA®STAMP Salmonella is based on Salmonellas characteristic to produce hydrogen sulfide during growth. As iron-(III)-ions are present in the agar; precipitates of iron sulfide are formed by the bacteria. The iron sulfide will turn the whole colonies black or build a black center in the colonies. Due to acid production the agar may change its colour from purple to yellow / beige.

Art. No. HS0391, HS0392
Test format 25 agar plates, five plates are packed in one plastic bag
Sample preparation not required
Incubation time 24 - 48 hours at 36 ± 1 °C
Detection limit 1 cfu/10 cm2
InstructionsGerman/English (English) (German) (French) (Italian) (Spanish)
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