Intended use:

RIDA®STAMP Total Desi is an agar for the determination of total viable count on surfaces for efficacy testing of disinfectants. The RIDA®STAMP plates consist of a special 10 cm2 petri dish containing organism specific agar which is protruding above the surface of the plate in order to allow direct contact with the selected flat surface or solid food sample.

Regular sampling on cleaned and sanitised surfaces will lead to a complete quantitative hygiene monitoring process. Repeated controls will play a part in contributing to good workplace hygiene according to the concept of HACCP and support GMP guidelines.

General Information:

The determination of total viable count on surfaces is performed to outline the hygienic status of the food production. Analyses are performed directly after disinfection of cleaned surfaces to control efficiency of sanitation measurements.

If disinfectant activity is decreasing, seriously damaged but not killed microorganisms may remain on the surfaces. On a common agar which doesn’t contain neutralisers to counteract disinfectant effects, damaged organisms may need more time for development or will probably die under usual incubation conditions thus, they will not be detected. The efficiency of a sanitiser can be checked by comparing surface stamps done with RIDA®STAMP Total and RIDA®STAMP Total Desi (stamps performed closely together on the same surface).

The appearance of colonies developing on RIDA®STAMP Total Desi shows no difference to colonies on RIDA®STAMP Total. All colonies have to be counted to determine the total count on the sampled surface. Based on colonies grown on RIDA®STAMP Total Desi in comparison to the RIDA®STAMP Total stamp results the efficiency of the disinfectant can be estimated.

Art. No. HS1831, HS1832
Sample preparation not required
Incubation time 24 - 48 hours at 30 - 35 °C
Detection limit 1 cfu/10 cm2
InstructionsGerman/English (English) (German) (French) (Italian) (Spanish)
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