Intended use:

This kit can be used for screening of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food, feed and seeds. For this purpose, PCR systems for detection of the 35S CAMV promoter DNA sequence, A. tumefaciens NOS terminator DNA sequence and 34S FMV promoter DNA sequence are applied.

The kit is according to German Food Law § 64 for the detection of genetically modified DNA sequences.

Additionally, the kit contains an Inhibition Control to examine DNA for inhibiting substances which interfere with the PCR mix. The Inhibition Control Mix contains all reagents necessary for PCR as well as an artificial target. The target is amplified during the PCR run and detected in the FAM-channel. When the DNA contains PCR inhibiting substances, amplification of the target will be suppressed and the signal will be affected. Some examples for PCR inhibiting substances are alcohols (e.g. ethanol, isopropanol), surfactants (e.g. CTAB, SDS, Triton X100) and salts (e.g. sodium chloride). Also spices, herbs, algae, cocoa and further sample matrices might have PCR inhibiting effects.

General information:

The real-time PCR assay can be used with established real-time PCR instruments (Roche LightCycler®, Rotor-Gene Q, ABI PRISM, Eppendorf realplex, BioRad CFX96, Agilent MxSeries etc.).


Art. No. S2026
Test format 100 reactions
Sample preparation For DNA-preparation of raw material the use of SureFood® PREP Basic and for highly processed food and feed the use of SureFood® PREP Advanced is recommended.
LOD (Detection limit) The SureFood® GMO SCREEN 35S/NOS/FMV assay has a limit of detection of ≤ 5 DNA copies. The assay limit of detection depends on sample matrix, processing grade, DNA preparation and DNA content.
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