Intended use:

The test detects Campylobacter coli, Campylobacter lari and Campylobacter jejuni DNA. Each reaction contains an internal amplification control (IAC).


General information:

The real-time PCR assay can be performed with commonly used real-time PCR instruments, equipped for detection of two fluorescence emissions at the channels FAM and VIC/HEX at the same time. The technical validation of instruments was performed on Agilent Mx3005P, Bio-Rad CFX96, Roche LightCycler® 480 II, Roche LightCycler® 2.0, Applied Biosystems 7500, Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q and R-Biopharm RIDA®CYCLER.


Campylobacter are currently considered as most frequent bacterial cause of infectious intestinal diseases (campylobacterioses) worldwide. Besides these campylobacterioses, extraintestinal diseases in humans may be caused by Campylobacter as well. Bacteria of the genus Campylobacter are almost ubiquitously distributed, but the main reservoir of Campylobacter is the intestinal tract of warm-blooded animals. In particular, Campylobacter is frequently found in birds including poultry and laying hens.

Campylobacterioses is mainly transmitted to humans by foodstuffs. Insufficiently heated or re-contaminated poultry meat and poultry products are regarded as the major source of infections. Moreover, unpasteurized milk, contaminated surface water, and raw ground meat can cause outbreaks of campylobacterioses. C. jejuni is the most pathogenic species within the genus Campylobacter. Additionally, C. coli and C. lari are as well associated with human diseases.


Art. No. F5112
Test format 100 reactions
Sample preparation For DNA-preparation the use of SureFast® PREP Bacteria is recommended.
Detection limit The SureFast® Campylobacter PLUS real-time PCR has a limit of detection of ≤ 5 DNA copies. The assay limit of detection depends on sample matrix, processing grade, DNA preparation and DNA content.
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