Intended use:

Sampling tool

The Swabbing Kit is used for the sampling of allergen residues in environmental surfaces (e.g. in food production lines) for bioavid allergen rapid tests (Art.No. BL600-25 – BL616-25). This Swabbing Kit contains cotton swabs with wooden handle.

General information:

Food allergens (e.g. Milk, Peanut, Almond, Mustard) possibly elicits hypersensitivity in sensitive persons. Food production lines have to be free of residues to prevent these allergic reactions. The effectiveness of cleaning can be verified by using the Lateral Flow Swabbing method.

Art. No. BS800-25
Test format 25 x cotton swabs / sample vials / pipettes
1 x buffer bottle
Sample preparation Swabbing method: clean surface with pre-treated swab, wash the swab in provided diluted buffer and use bioavid Lateral Flow for allergen detection.
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