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Solid phase clean-up columns for the purification of trichothecenes from cereals.

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TRICHOTHECENE P Columns can be used for the simultaneous detection of type A and B trichothecenes by GC or LC-MS/MS. The columns reduce background interference therefore producing better chromatography and improving accuracy of results. The solid phase clean-up columns contain material to help remove interfering components or pigments from cereal samples. The toxins are extracted from the sample, filtered and passed through the clean-up column prior to analysis by GC or LC-MS/MS. The total clean-up time takes approximately 20 minutes to perform. The result is reduced background interference therefore improving the accuracy of results.

Art. No. P51
Test format 30 solid phase clean-up columns
SDS2017-01_P51_TRICHOTHECENE-COLUMNS-V9_MSDS_EN_LowRes.docx (English)
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