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A picture is worth a thousand words – and a movie is worth a thousand pictures. If you want to learn more about our products, our videos are the perfect tool for you. Gain insights into our analytical solutions, discover the benefits of our products and learn how to use them.
In this section you can find our movies about solutions for food and feed analysis. If you are looking for more R-Biopharm videos, please check out our YouTube channel!

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Gluten analysis: Ensure a gluten-free lab

This video will introduce how to clean and check the lab before the analysis of gluten with ELISA (RIDASCREEN® Gliadin, Art. No. R7001 / RIDASCREEN®FAST Gliadin, Art. No. R7002) or Dipstick (RIDA®QUICK Gliadin, Art. No. R7003/R7004). A gluten-free lab is a prerequisite for the analysis of gluten in food.