Efficient. Time-saving. Easy to use.

RIDA®SMART APP Allergen – The new documentation app for qualitative allergen rapid test strips!

RIDA®SMART APP Allergen is a user-friendly Android app specifically designed to assist you in the fast and efficient documentation of allergen rapid test strips.

Allergen documentation – easier than ever before!

Features of the RIDA®SMART APP Allergen:

Mobile Documentation

With our user-friendly app, documenting rapid test strips has never been easier. Say goodbye to cumbersome paper protocols and time-consuming manual recordings. Our app provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface to capture all essential information about your allergen tests directly on your Android phone.

Result Stability

Rapid test strips undergo changes over time, rendering the preservation of physical strips pointless. That's why we developed the RIDA®SMART APP Allergen to provide you with an optimal solution. With our app, you can simply take a photo of the rapid test strip and save it directly in the app. This ensures a clear and reliable visual record of the test results.

Workflow Efficiency

The RIDA®SMART APP Allergen optimizes your workflow, saving valuable time. Thanks to the app, you can instantly enter and save test results by simply scanning the rapid test strip.


The RIDA®SMART APP Allergen is specifically designed for documenting our qualitative allergen rapid test strips (Bioavid and RIDA®QUICK tests).

Comprehensive Data Management

Our app enables detailed management of your allergen rapid test strip data. Capture information such as the tested allergen, application form (food testing, surface testing, cleaning water control), matrix, test results, date, time, and user. You have full control over your data and can access it anytime, anywhere.

Get the RIDA®SMART APP Allergen app for free today via the Google Play Store and experience the benefits of mobile and efficient documentation of your allergen rapid test strips. Streamline your workflow, ensure result stability, and enhance the quality of your documentation.

Please note: The RIDA®SMART APP Allergen is currently only available for Android smartphones.

Discover the RIDA®SMART APP Allergen now and simplify your allergen rapid test strip documentation!

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