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Immunoaffinity columns for use in conjunction with an HPLC or LC-MS/MS for detection of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2, M1…


Immunoaffinity columns for use in conjunction with HPLC or LC-MS/MS for detection of ochratoxin A in a wide range of…

Product: KOBRA® CELL PTFE spacer: 0.25 mm

Replacement PTFE spacer: 0.25 mm for the KOBRA® CELL (RBRK07).

Product: PTFE space (0.25 mm with reaction area)

Replacement PTFE spacer for the KOBRA® CELL (RBRK01).

Product: bioavid Lateral Flow Brazil Nut

The Lateral Flow Brazil Nut assay is used for the qualitative detection of brazil nut residues in environmental / surface…

Product: bioavid Lateral Flow Cashew Kernel

The Lateral Flow Cashew Kernel assay is used for the qualitative detection of cashew kernel residues in environmental / surface…

Product: bioavid Lateral Flow Pistachio

The Lateral Flow Pistachio assay is used for the qualitative detection of pistachio residues in environmental / surface samples (e.g.…

Product: Premi®Test 25

Premi®Test is a microbial screening test that allows the detection of antibiotic residues, especially in fresh meat (beef, pork, poultry)…

Product: PuriTox Aflatoxin

Solid phase clean-up columns for the purification of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 from peanuts.

Product: SureFast® Hepatitis A PLUS

The test is a real-time RT-PCR for the direct and qualitative detection of hepatitis A virus. The test contains an…

Product: SureFood® ANIMAL ID Poultry IAAC

The test detects poultry DNA. Each reaction contains an internal amplification control and an internal detection assay for vertebrates DNA…

Product: GEN-IAL® QuickGEN P1 Screening

Qualitative detection of bacterial and yeast contaminations in filtrated beer and beer mixes. For products with high amount of yeast…

Product: GEN-IAL® QuickGEN Wild yeast 1

Detection of wild yeast in beverages by real-time PCR. The following yeasts are detected: Dekkera anomala Dekkera bruxellensis Dekkera custersiana…


Multi-mycotoxin immunoaffinity columns for simultaneous detection of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2 and ochratoxin A in a wide range of…

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Product: SureFood® GMO QUANT T25 Corn

The test detects the relative quantitative T25-Corn DNA amount. Therefore the kit contains two PCR systems, one specific for the…

News: Latin America’s First ISO 17025:2017 Accredited Laboratory Pioneers Cannabis Analysis for Food Pathogens ()

In a groundbreaking achievement for the cannabis industry in Latin America, the Laboratorio Instrumental de Alta Complejidad from Lasalle University in Colombia ( has attained ISO 17025:2017 accreditation (21-LAB-030), marking a significant milestone in the field of cannabis analysis, particularly concerning food pathogens. This accreditation underscores the laboratory’s commitment to ensuring the safety and quality […]

Page: Prepared foods

Product: Premi®Test 4×25

Premi®Test is a microbial screening test that allows the detection of antibiotic residues, especially in fresh meat (beef, pork, poultry)…

Product: Promedia ST-25 (Swab Test)

Sampling device consisting of sterile swab in 10 ml sterile PBS buffer for quantitative detection of microorganisms in environmental samples…

Product: EuroProxima PLUS Aflatoxin M1 sensitive

EuroProxima PLUS Aflatoxin M1 sensitive is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for quantitative analysis of aflatoxin M1 in milk, cheese, butter…

Product: EuroProxima PLUS Aflatoxin M1 fast

EuroProxima PLUS Aflatoxin M1 fast is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for quantitative analysis of aflatoxin M1 in milk, cheese and…

Product: EuroProxima T-2 HT-2 Toxin

EuroProxima T-2 HT-2 Toxin is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for quantitative analysis of T-2 and HT-2 toxins in cereals, baby…

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The ready-to-use mycotoxin standard solution is at a concentration of 1,000 ng/ml and can be used to prepare a calibration…

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News: RIDA®SMART APP: update now to V 3.25 ()

We recommend all RIDA®SMART APP customers to install the new software version V 3.25.

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Page: R-Bio block library

If text content is not inside a layout block this will happen… When editing an existing page the default layouts are already there. You should only have to use them when creating complex layouts like the homepage. Only use blocks without an underlying layout if you know what you are doing. Only blocks like “hero”, […]

News: The RIDASCREEN® Milk Concept ()

Analytical test kits for ensuring milk-free food production

Page: Microbiology

Product: Premi®Test Starter Kit

The Premi®Test Starter Kit contains all accesssories for the implementation of Premi®Test (R3900 / R3925): meatpress, incubator, timer and scissor.

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Highlight: Rapid allergen testing

The Lateral Flow tests (LFDs) incl. Hook Line from Bioavid are immunochromatographic tests for the qualitative detection of residues in environmental samples (e.g. in food production lines), CIP-water and food samples. R-Biopharm offers the new LFDs with included hook line for the five parameters almond, coconut, hazelnut, mustard and peanut – more parameters are in development!

Page: Genetically modified organisms

News: Edible Insects – delicacy or allergy risk? ()

Edible insects are a matter of course for more than a quarter of the world’s population, because they taste good, are nutritious and are relatively readily available. Thus, insects supplement the diets of approximately two billion people in various countries around the world – mainly in parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America. More and […]

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Highlight: Beer analysis

Do you want to test beer for beverage spoilers? For fast and specific screening and detection of microbiological spoilage parameters in breweries, a wide product line of qPCR kits is offered.

News: National Cake Day: Which allergens can be found in cakes? ()

Allergens are substances that produce varied symptoms in allergy patients. As a result, allergens must be labeled. Some (such as eggs or gluten-containing wheat flour) are also found in cakes. What do allergy patients need to know about allergens in cakes? This article summarizes.

News: R-Biopharm christmas recipe: Peanut-caramel lozenges (approx. 80 pieces) ()

Our R-Biopharm christmas recipe this year was submitted by our employee Christine. These peanut-caramel lozenges are delight for the whole family, to be shared under the Christmas tree. Or maybe you could bake a batch of cookies and give them to your friends as a gift? In any case, we hope you enjoy baking them, […]

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News: New: Melamine clean-up columns ()

R-Biopharm Rhône Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of their new melamine solid phase clean-up columns for the analysis of melamine in a range of commodities by HPLC or LC-MS/MS. Melamine is an organic base chemical rich in nitrogen and is most commonly found in the form of white cyrstals. Melamine is widely used […]

News: Compact Dry: Food Microbiology Testing Made Easier, Volume 2 ()

News: Aflatoxin M1 found in Parmesan cheese ()

Cheese analysis – a challenge detecting Aflatoxin M1   Cheese is a challenging matrix for aflatoxin M1 analysis, but scientists in Brazil using R-Biopharm AFLAPREP® M immunoaffinity columns have demonstrated that excellent method performance can be achieved.

News: Mycotoxin decontamination of animal feed – search continues ()

News: New contact plates for hygiene control: RIDA®STAMP ()

Small things can make big differences. A compact design, easy handling and long shelf life make RIDA®STAMP a perfect tool in food microbiology testing. With RIDA®STAMP we offer you an extensive range of ready-to-use contact plates for hygiene control.

News: 10 Facts about coffee you need to know in coffee week ()

May 4th – 10th is UK coffee week. This is a nationwide fundraising initiative in the UK where coffee operators, trade professionals and customers raise funds to give back to the communities which grow our coffee.

News: Analyst workshops 2016 ()

The New Year 2016 has begun: A good moment to put your plans into action. You don’t have New Year’s resolutions yet and need a little inspiration? We’ve got an idea here: Enhance your career and participate in a workshop. Learn something new and get ahead professionally! We’ll help you to achieve this – with […]

News: Vitamin analysis: New test kits for the determination of vitamin content in food ()

On 7th March, it’s “healthy eating day” in Germany. This annual event was called into life by the German Food and Dietetics Association (VFED). For this occasion, we take a closer look at some substances that are strongly associated with healthy eating: vitamins.

News: Analytica 2016: 3 food analysis trends you should know about ()

In just two weeks, the “analytica” will open its doors. The international trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology is being held for the 25th time. The fair gives an insight into the industry’s most interesting product innovations. Today, we risk a look into the crystal ball and show you some of the most […]

News: Pseudomonas aeruginosa: A new way to track down the pathogenic bacteria ()

The bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a common pathogen. Together with E. coli, legionella and enterococci, it is one of the most dangerous bacteria in drinking water and also one of the most common hospital germs. The new Compact Dry PA identifies the bacterium easily and reliably.

News: RIDA®SMART APP: New update for mycotoxin app ()

In the last months, the RIDA®SMART APP for mycotoxin analysis has received much attention. Now, there’s a new update for the innovative software for quantitative analysis of mycotoxins. Here’s what the new version 1.2 can do.

News: Mycotoxin analysis just keeps getting easier ()

For laboratories carrying out routine mycotoxin analysis and running large numbers of samples every day, it makes good sense to investigate the possibility of automation. Novel reusable immunoaffinity cartridges containing monoclonal antibodies coupled to a pressure resistant polymer (IMMUNOPREP® ONLINE immunoaffinity cartridge) enable automated analysis of mycotoxins when used in conjunction with CHRONECT Symbiosis RIDA®CREST […]

News: Last chance: Register now for the R-Biopharm workshops! ()

Once again this autumn, we are offering a series of workshops on food analysis. From allergens to mycotoxins and pathogens: in our hands-on training you will learn more about the different analytical methods and benefit from our experts’ tips. The deadline for registration is approaching.

News: Towards a collaborative Centre of Expertise on food allergen management at University Laval in Quebec City ()

Quebec, October 4th, 2016 – The German company R-Biopharm, one of the largest food diagnostics companies worldwide, is establishing a new Centre of Expertise on food allergen management in collaboration with Université Laval’s Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF).

News: Quality assurance and proficiency testing: How capable is your lab? ()

Quality assurance is an important issue for every laboratory. If you want to ensure that your lab produces accurate and precise results, proficiency testing is an indispensable measure. Here’s what you ought to know about proficiency tests.

News: Quality assurance in the lab: Why reference material is important ()

Reference materials are indispensable in food analysis. Being an important component of quality assurance, they contribute to reliable and precise results. Here’s what you should know about them.

Page: Hormones and anabolics

News: Allergen analysis: New challenges, new chances ()

Food allergens are in the focus of two upcoming events: The 2nd Food Allergen Management Symposium (FAMS 2017) which will start on Sunday in Australia, and shortly thereafter the Free From Food Expo in Spain. We have summarized the latest industry trends and the resulting challenges for food analysis.

News: Mycotoxin analysis: 3 attributes you should be aware of when analyzing spices ()

Spices are essential for food production, but just like cereals, spices are often contaminated with mycotoxins. Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin are particularly prevalent in spices. In order to ensure safe foods, regular mycotoxin analyses are mandatory. Here’s what you should consider when testing spices.

News: Mycotoxin analysis via smartphone: new hope for farmers? ()

Mycotoxins are a big threat to agriculture. Particularly in developing countries, crops are often contaminated with mycotoxins – with dangerous consequences for the population. Modern technology can improve the situation for farmers and consumers.

News: Fish fraud still a matter of concern, according to new studies ()

Did you eat fish on today’s International Sushi Day? Then it is quite possible that you have not been served the exact fish that you have ordered. Several recent studies show that adulteration and mislabeling are still common in the fisheries sector.

News: Verotoxin: How to detect contamination and ensure safe food ()

Verotoxin-producing EHEC bacteria are a common cause of food-borne infections. Here’s what food producers should know about the risk associated with the pathogen and the methods of detection.

News: Reference material: cornerstone of quality control ()

Reference material is indispensable for quality control in food analysis. But what exactly is the difference between reference material and certified reference material? And what is an analytical standard? Here‘s an overview.

News: Legionella, a waterborne risk ()

Tap water contaminated with Legionella can cause severe infections. Water pipes that are not used regularly are particularly susceptible to the colonization of bacteria – a problem especially now during the coronavirus pandemic, as many businesses, hotels and public facilities are closed.

Page: Beer analysis

Highlight: Quality control

Food and feed analysis imposes many challenges. Certified reference materials, quality control materials and participation in proficiency testing will strengthen your quality assurance.