Juice analysis

Detection of spoilage organisms in fruit juices

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Juice analysis

Do you want to test fruit juices for beverage spoilers that may cause defects in taste, such as the bacterium Alicyclobacillus? For fast and specific screening and detection of microbiological spoilage parameters in juices, a wide product line of qPCR kits is offered.

Alicyclobacillus is a gram-positive, strictly aerobic, acidophilic and thermophilic spoilage bacteria, especially important for the fruit juice industry, where it has been shown to produce high amounts of guaiacol imparting off-flavors to fruit juices. Alicyclobacillus is of special interest to the fruit juice canning industry because common pasteurization techniques do not deactivate the spores. Therefore early screening of Alicyclobacillus is very important for the industry since contamination can lead to considerable loss of quality and subsequently to economic losses for the producers. Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris is considered the most important spoilage species within the Alicyclobacillus genera, but other e.g. Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius have als been isolated from spoiled products.

ProductDescriptionTubeArt. No.
GEN-IAL® QuickGEN Acetic acid bacteriaSpecific DNA detection of acetic acid bacteriahighQ511
GEN-IAL® QuickGEN Alicyclobacillus differentiationSpecific DNA detection and differentiation of AlicyclobacillusMGQ724
GEN-IAL® Alicyclobacillus multiplexDNA Screening of Alicyclobacillus ssp., A. acidocaldarius and A. acidoterrestris in fruit juices or concentrates-Q928

DNA preparation:

ProductDescriptionArt. No.
GEN-IAL® Simplex® Easy Spin DNAAlicyclobacillus DNA extraction from fruit or vegetable juices or concentratesQ701

GEN-IAL® product overview

You can find more information on our real-time PCR test kits for juice analysis in our free brochure.

Product portfolio

ProductDescriptionNo. of tests/amountArt. No.
QuickGEN PCR Kit Yeast universal -low-

Qualitative detection of yeast contaminations in beverages. For exapmple: Saccharomyces spp. Dekkera spp. Zygosaccharomyces spp. Rhodotorula spp. Torulaspora spp. Kluyveromyces spp. Debaromyces spp. Candida spp. Hanseniaspora spp. Pichia spp

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48 reactions: 48 x Dye Strips (freeze-dried, incl. IC-DNA) Q982
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