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bioavid Lateral Flow Crustacean incl. Hook line

Art. No.: BLH716-15

bioavid Lateral Flow Casein incl. Hook line

Art. No.: BLH714-15

bioavid Lateral Flow Cashew incl. Hook line

Art. No.: BLH710-15

bioavid Lateral Flow Sesame incl. Hook line

Art. No.: BLH709-15

bioavid Lateral Flow Egg incl. Hook line

Art. No.: BLH708-15

bioavid Lateral Flow Peanut incl. Hook line

Art. No.: BLH706-15

bioavid Lateral Flow Hazelnut incl. Hook line

Art. No.: BLH704-15

bioavid Lateral Flow Mustard incl. Hook line

Art. No.: BLH703-15

bioavid Lateral Flow Almond incl. Hook line

Art. No.: BLH701-15

bioavid Lateral Flow Coconut incl. Hook line

Art. No.: BLH700-15

bioavid Lateral Flow Milk

Art. No.: BL623-15

SureFood® ALLERGEN Shea Nut

Art. No.: S3622

SureFast® Listeria 3plex ONE

Art. No.: F5217

Enzytec™ Liquid D-Lactic acid

Art. No.: E8245

Enzytec™ Liquid D-Gluconic acid

Art. No.: E8520

Enzytec™ Liquid Urea/Ammonia

Art. No.: E8395

SureFood® ALLERGEN Beechnut

Art. No.: S3628

Pictus 500

Art. No.: ZP500


Art. No.: ZRSA-SB

QuickGEN PCR Kit Fusarium spp.

Art. No.: Q961

SureFood® ALLERGEN Insects

Art. No.: S3626

PP-Test tubes

Art. No.: Z210261

Pipette tips blue, 200 – 1000 µL

Art. No.: Z2808

Pipette tips yellow, 10 – 200 µL

Art. No.: Z2809

Reaction tube with cap, 1.5 mL

Art. No.: Z3131-VK

Folded filters Ahlstrom 3hw

Art. No.: Z1542

EuroProxima Tetrodotoxin Sensitive

Art. No.: 5191TTXSens

bioavid Lateral Flow Sesame incl. Hook Line

Art. No.: BLH709-20


Art. No.: 62000

SureFood® ALLERGEN Pine Nut

Art. No.: S3624

RIDASCREEN® Total Gluten

Art. No.: R7041

RIDASCREEN® Nitrofuran (SEM)

Art. No.: R3724

RIDA®CUBE alpha-Amino Nitrogen

Art. No.: RCS4630

SureFood® ALLERGEN Buckwheat

Art. No.: S3620

EuroProxima Plus Cow’s Whey ELISA

Art. No.: 5171WHEY

Enzytec™ Generic D-Isocitric acid

Art. No.: E1222

The Bolt

Art. No.: ZBOLT

EuroProxima Ethinylestradiol

Art. No.: 5081ESTR

QuickGEN Pentaplex PCR Kit – Beer spoilage bacteria and yeast …

Art. No.: Q061

EuroProxima Nortestosterone

Art. No.: 5081NOR

EuroProxima Methyltestosteron

Art. No.: 5081MTES

Enzytec™ Generic Sulfite (SO2-Total)

Art. No.: E6275

bioavid Lateral Flow Egg incl. Hook Line

Art. No.: BLH708-20

SureFast® Campylobacter 4plex

Art. No.: F5170


Art. No.: R6811

Enzytec™ Generic D-3-Hydroxybutyric acid

Art. No.: E2610

EuroProxima Florfenicol

Art. No.: 5091FLORF

EuroProxima Oxolinic Acid

Art. No.: 5101OXO