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bioavid Lateral Flow Soy incl. Hook Line

Art. No.: BLH712-15

SureFood® QUANTARD Allergen 1 ppm

Art. No.: S3305

SureFood® ALLERGEN Coconut

Art. No.: S3621

SureFood® GMO ID 4plex Soya III

Art. No.: S2164

QuickGEN PCR Kit Oenococcus oeni -low-

Art. No.: Q352


Art. No.: RAE8201

bioavid Lateral Flow Macadamia incl. Hook Line

Art. No.: BLH705-15

bioavid Lateral Flow Pistachio incl. Hook Line

Art. No.: BLH711-15

RIDA® Nitrofuran (DNSH) Spiking Solution

Art. No.: R3795


Art. No.: R3725

Enzytec™ Multi-acid standard 2 low & high

Art. No.: E8470 / E8475

Enzytec™ Liquid L-Glutamic acid

Art. No.: E8530

EuroProxima DEMO ELISA

Art. No.: 5991DEMO

SureFast® Enterobacteriaceae 4plex

Art. No.: F5180

Enzytec™ Liquid Cholesterol

Art. No.: E8320

SureFast® Fecal Screen 4plex

Art. No.: F5504

EuroProxima Trimethoprim ELISA

Art. No.: 5101TMP

QuickGEN PCR Kit Screening and differentiation of beer spoilers

Art. No.: Q202

SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex Almond/Pistachio/Cashew+IAC

Art. No.: S3406

Enzytec™ Liquid Nitrate

Art. No.: E8370

KOBRA® CELL PTFE spacer: 0.1 mm

Art. No.: K08

KOBRA® CELL PTFE spacer: 0.25 mm

Art. No.: K07

EuroProxima Ochratoxin-A in green coffee flow-through assay

Art. No.: 5127OTACG

SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex EU NUTS

Art. No.: S3404

QuickGEN PCR Kit Yeast universal -low-

Art. No.: Q982


Art. No.: RBRP59/25, RBRP59/100


Art. No.: RBRP56/25, RBRP56/100

bioavid Lateral Flow Walnut incl. Hook Line

Art. No.: BLH707-15

RIDASCREEN® Total Gluten Additive TG

Art. No.: RA0041


Art. No.: R5404

Enzytec™ Liquid D-Malic acid

Art. No.: E8270

PTFE spacer (0.1 mm with contact area)

Art. No.: RBRK09

PTFE space (0.25 mm with reaction area)

Art. No.: RBRK07

Spacer grid

Art. No.: RBRK10

PTFE spacer (0.1 mm with contact area)

Art. No.: RBRK08

EuroProxima Ochratoxin-A in roasted coffee flow-through assay

Art. No.: 5127OTACR

EuroProxima DNSH

Art. No.: 5091DNSH

SureFood® 4plex LEGUMES

Art. No.: S7008

EuroProxima Chloramphenicol

Art. No.: 5091CAP

EuroProxima Tetracycline

Art. No.: 5091TC

EuroProxima Sulfamethazine

Art. No.: 5101SUL

EuroProxima Streptomycin

Art. No.: 5111STREP

EuroProxima SEM

Art. No.: 5091SEM

SureFast® VEGAN

Art. No.: F4055

EuroProxima Ractopamine

Art. No.: 5061RACT

EuroProxima Enrofloxacin

Art. No.: 5101ERFX

EuroProxima Chloramphenicol Fast

Art. No.: 5091CAPF

EuroProxima Beta-Agonist

Art. No.: 5061BAG