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For end-customers only: Exclusive Invitation to qPCR Training at R-Biopharm in Darmstadt – Hands-On, Tips, and Troubleshooting!

We invite you to join our workshop where knowledge meets hands-on expertise, and where the details of qPCR technology converge with the critical realm of allergen detection.
In our exclusive two-day qPCR training, we cover the fundamental principles of real-time PCR and shine a spotlight on its application in one of the most vital aspects of food safety – allergen detection. Our experts will guide you through real-world applications, ensuring you are equipped to tackle the challenges of allergen testing in your field. Tailored to your needs: engage in a roundtable discussion to address your specific interests and concerns. Share your sample cases for in-depth analysis and get personalized tips.


Event Details
Dates: 18th & 19th June 2024
Location: R-Biopharm AG, Darmstadt, Germany
Training cost: 850.00 EUR + 19 % VAT
Cancellation fee: 300 EUR


Day 1 – Understanding qPCR Fundamentals

  • Introduction to qPCR technology
  • Overview of PCR Equipment & set-up
  • Hands-On: Sample preparation and DNA extraction (manually & automated)
  • Practical Session: Detecting Allergens using qPCR
  • Duplex & multiplex options


Day 2 – Allergen Detection Focus

  • Importance of Allergen Detection
  • PCR Applications in Allergen Testing
  • Practical Session: Detecting Allergens using qPCR
  • Quantification options
  • Tips & troubleshooting
  • Roundtable Discussion: Participants’ Specific Interests & Extended Q&A
  • Certificate Distribution and Closing Remarks

Note: The agenda is subject to minor adjustments based on participants’ feedback and specific interests.


Registration: through F&F end customer qPCR Training

We look forward to sharing insights, exchanging experiences, and contributing to your success.
Should you have any questions or specific requests, feel free to contact our us:
We anticipate an engaging and insightful training session and hope to see you there!



Contact: c.knoll@r-biopharm.de


R-Biopharm AG
An der neuen Bergstraße 17
64297 Pfungstadt
Hessen Deutschland


2024/06/18 – 2024/06/19