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Art. No.: R3203
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Intended use

RIDASCREEN®FAST Folic acid is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative determination of added folic acid in milk, milk powder, food for special medical purpose, grain and cereals, fortified flour, vitamin powder, -mixture, -tablets and vitamin juice.


General Information

Folic acid also known as vitamin B9 or vitamin B11 belongs to the group of water soluble vitamins. It can´t be produced by the human body and therefore must be included in the diet in order to meet the daily requirements. Folic acid plays a key role in all growth and cell division processes. Adequate folic acid intake during pregnancy is important to avoid neural tube defects, for example. Some countries have agreed to fortify either bread, cereals, flour, pasta, rice or other grain products with folic acid in different concentrations as a preventive approach to improve micronutrient status of the population.


  • Low cross reactivity for a large number of folic acid derivatives.
  • The results are available within 1 h, so the test is very fast and suitable for in-process and finalproduct control.
  • No additional reagents are required with the exception of distilled / demineralized water.
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we have started to provide the documents for our products in an electronic format. These are the Instructions for Use (IFU), the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and the Certificate of Analysis (CoA). For batches placed on the market after 01 January 2024, you can find our documents on the eIFU portal eifu.r-biopharm.com/food.

Art. NoR3203
Test formatMicrotiter plate with 48 wells (6 strips with 8 removable wells each)
Sample preparationMilk: can be applied directly, dilution if necessary.

Juices: can be applied directly, dilution if necessary.

Other matrices: extraction, dilution if necessary.
Incubation time25 min
LOD (Detection Limit)0.5 μg/L (ppb)
Cross Reactivity.

Folic acid: 100 %
Dihydrofolic acid: approx. 14 %
Tetrahydrofolic acid: < 0.5 %
5-Methyltetrahydrofolic acid: < 0.5 %
Formyltetrahydrofolic acid: < 0.5 %
Tetrahydrobiopterin:< 0.5 %
6-Biopterin: < 0.5 %

Validated matrices

Milk, milk powder, grain and cereals, fortified flour, vitamin powder, -mixture, -tablets and vitamin juice.

Detected analyte

Folic acid concentration

EvaluationMicrotiter plate photometer 450 nm
MSDSsdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_GB.pdf (English)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_DE.pdf (German)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_FR.pdf (French)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_IT.pdf (Italian)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_ES.pdf (Spanish)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_BG.pdf (Bulgarian)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_CZ.pdf (Czech)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_DK.pdf (Danish)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_EE.pdf (Estonian)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_FI.pdf (Finnish)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_GR.pdf (Greek)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_HR.pdf (Croatian)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_HU.pdf (Hungarian)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_LT.pdf (Lithuanian)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_LV.pdf (Latvian)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_NL.pdf (Dutch)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_NO.pdf (Norwegian)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_PL.pdf (Polish)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_PT.pdf (Portuguese)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_RO.pdf (Romanian)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_SE.pdf (Swedish)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_SI.pdf (Slovenian)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_SK.pdf (Slovakian)
sdsR3203_-_RIDASCREEN®FAST_Folsaure_Folic_Acid_TR.pdf (Turkish)