RIDASCREEN® Histamine (enzymatic)

Intended use:RIDASCREEN® Histamine (enzymatic) is used for the quantitative determination of histamine in fresh fish, canned fish, fish meal, wine and cheese. General Information:Histamine is a [...]

RIDA® Sample Decolorant

Intended use:RIDA® Sample Decolorant is used for the preparation of samples, such as: Wine for RIDASCREEN® Histamine (enzymatic) (R1605) Liver and feed for RIDASCREEN® Clenbuterol (R1711) [...]

Histamine detection in fish and fish meal

Test kit easy to use and rapid   Fish and fish meal can be easily analysed to histamine with the new test system RIDASCREEN® Histamin (enzymatic). Test gives reliable and robust results, [...]