RIDA® Extraction Solution (colorless)

Intended use:Use with RIDASCREEN®FAST Casein (R4612) The RIDA® Extraction Solution (colorless) can be used for the sample preparation of sausages and bakery goods in the RIDASCREEN®FAST Casein [...]


Intended use:RIDA®QUICK Gliadin can be used as a swab test for gluten detection on surfaces in the hygiene control, in cleansing waters, and for the qualitative detection of gliadin / gluten in [...]

Cocktail (patented)

Intended use:The Cocktail (patented) has been developed by Prof. Dr. Enrique Mendez (patent WO 02/092633). The Cocktail (patented) is required for the sample preparation in RIDASCREEN® Gliadin [...]

Set of 3 processed Gliadin Assay Controls

Intended use:Three contaminated Gliadin assay controls: one below 10 ppm (< 20 ppm limit value for gluten) and two high positive homogenized snack samples; in cooperation with Trilogy® [...]

Cocktail ECO

Intended use:The Cocktail ECO can be used for the sample preparation of raw materials, heat treated and processed food. This product is a more environmental-friendly alternative to the old [...]