RIDASCREEN® Nitrofuran SEM: A new ELISA for the detection of Nitrofuran metabolites in food

R-Biopharm AG is pleased to extend its range of quantitative ELISA tests for the screening of Nitrofuran metabolites in food and now offers RIDASCREEN® Nitrofuran SEM for the detection of [...]

RIDASCREEN® Nitrofuran AHD completes the test kit portfolio for the analysis of the nitrofuran metabolites AHD, AMOZ, AOZ and SEM

Nitrofurans are synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotics, which are frequently used in animal production due to their excellent antibacterial and pharmacokinetic properties. They have also been used [...]

Antibiotic residues found in shrimps

Shrimps showing antibiotic contamination is not a new problem, but with the latest product recall of shrimps in Germany, it’s back in the headlines again. So should you stop eating shrimps?