We offer a comprehensive range of test systems and devices for different parameters for test laboratories that are specialized in food and drink analysis.

The requirements from legislators as well as consumers in terms of the safety and quality of food are increasing. State or private run laboratories are essential: using their comprehensive analytical services, they monitor the quality control and ensure the safety of food. Our various test systems are the ideal tool for analyses in food laboratories, in which they are frequently used. We offer reliable test for different requirements:


We offer tailor-made solutions from allergen management to hygiene monitoring through to the detection of mycotoxins, drug residues, microorganisms, ingredients, vitamins, genetically-modified organisms and food fraud.

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Our tests can be used with various matrices, from grain products and baked goods to dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, ready-made meals, spices, fruits, nuts, confectioneries, food supplements, baby food, beverages and animal feed – as well as for raw materials and end products.

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We use the latest technologies from ELISA tests to lateral flow rapid tests and real-time PCR tests through to microbiological and enzymatic assays, ready-to-use culture medium plates and columns for sample purification.

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These days, devices and vending machines are very popular in laboratories. Each analysis involves its specific needs and requirements and calls for different accessories. In cooperation with well-known partners, R-Biopharm offers device solutions that are tailored to the respective needs of your laboratory. The offer of equipment and software spreads across the entire product range, from sample purification and processing of test procedures to the measurement and evaluation for manual as well as fully-automated application.

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Furthermore, for certain tests, we also offer validated reference materials.

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