The RIDASCREEN® Milk Concept milk (e.g. a sample primarily consisting of whey), the results may be underestimated. The RIDASCREEN®FAST Casein test (Art. No. R4612) is [...]


...(450 nm) E-mail link Files Instructions German/English Italian SDS (German) [...]

RIDA® Extraction Solution (colorless)

R7098 Use with RIDASCREEN®FAST Casein (R4612) The RIDA® Extraction Solution (colorless) can be used for the sample preparation of sausages and [...]

RIDA® Extractor 2

R4613 The RIDA® Extractor 2 is used for the sample preparation in: RIDASCREEN®FAST Milk (R4652) RIDASCREEN®FAST Casein (R4612) [...]

RIDASCREEN®FAST Milk tested in the RIDASCREEN®FAST Casein (R4612) and / or the RIDASCREEN®FAST β-lactoglobulin (R4912). Intended use: RIDASCREEN®FAST [...]