SureFast®STEC Screening PLUS

Intended use:The SureFast® STEC Screening PLUS is a real-time PCR for the direct, qualitative detection of DNA sequences of the virulence factors stx1 (subtype a-d) and stx2 (subtype a-g) of [...]


Intended use:The polymer PolyBIND® particles enable the quick and easy isolation of microorganisms and viruses from large sample volumes and highly viscous or solid-loaded liquids. The binding [...]

Compact Dry PA

Intended use:Compact Dry PA is a simple and safe test procedure for the determination and quantification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa counts in foods, cosmetics, water samples or pharmaceutical [...]

Compact Dry YMR

Intended use:Usage of Compact Dry YMR (rapid) is a simple, safe and fast test procedure for determination and quantification of yeasts and molds in foods or raw materials – as well as [...]

GEN-IAL® Biogenic amines

Intended use:Real-time PCR kit for the detection of biogenic amines producing lactic acid bacteria in wine. General Information:Real-time PCR instrument with FAM and HEX/JOE-channel. [...]