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Webinar 30 novembre 2017, ore 14:30 SureFood® Animal & Fish ID: metodiche real-time PCR per l’identificazione simultanea di diverse specie animali in alimenti R-Biopharm ti invita a [...]

Bovine lactoferrin as a food ingredient

Lactoferrin is a very powerful protein: it has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-allergic properties. Lactoferrin isolated from bovine milk is [...]


Intended use:The polymer PolyBIND® particles enable the quick and easy isolation of microorganisms and viruses from large sample volumes and highly viscous or solid-loaded liquids. The binding [...]

GEN-IAL® First-Bacteria PCR Kit Alicyclobacillus Multiplex

Intended use:Qualitative detection and identification of Alicyclobacillus spp., Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius and Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris (Biorad, Agilent Mx3005P™, Rotorgene™). [...]

GEN-IAL® QuickGEN First-Yeast PCR Kit Dekkera bruxellensis

Intended use:Detection of Dekkera bruxellensis in wine and grape must by real-time PCR. General Information:This kit is designed for use with the MyGO PCR system with FAM- and HEX-channel. [...]

GEN-IAL® First-Oenococcus oeni PCR Kit

Intended use:Qualitative detection of Oenococcus oeni in wine and grape must. The TaqMan® real-time PCR is based on Hotstart-PCR and sequence-specific dual labelled probes (FAM/DQ) which, when [...]

GEN-IAL® First-S. diastaticus PCR Kit

Intended use:Real-time PCR-Kit for the detection of Saccharomyces diastaticus. General Information:Real-time PCR instrument with FAM and HEX/JOE-channel. SpecificationsArt. No. TPYSD 0050Test [...]

Compact Dry PA

Intended use:Compact Dry PA is a simple and safe test procedure for the determination and quantification of  Pseudomonas aeruginosa counts in foods, cosmetics, water samples or pharmaceutical [...]

Compact Dry YMR

Intended use:Usage of Compact Dry YMR is a simple, safe and fast test procedure for determination and quantification of yeasts and molds in foods or raw materials – as well as pharmaceutical raw [...]