Lactose / D-Glucose the food industry. 10986119035 Intended use: UV-method for the determination of lactose and D-glucose in foodstuffs and other materials. General [...]

Lactose / D-Glucose der Lebensmittelindustrie. 10986119035 Intended use: UV-Test zur Bestimmung von Lactose und D-Glucose in Lebensmitteln und anderen [...]

Enzytec™ Glucose remover

1 Removal of Glucose excess in samples. Several enzymatic test kits like Lactose / Glucose or Sucrose / Glucose use the Glucose pathway, but these tests do not work [...]

Enzytec™ Glucose Remover

1 Zur Entfernung eines Glucose-Überschusses in Proben. Verschiedene enzymatische Testkits aus der Roche-Produktlinie, wie z. B. Lactose / Glucose oder Saccharose / [...]