Antibiotic residues found in shrimps

Shrimps showing antibiotic contamination is not a new problem, but with the latest product recall of shrimps in Germany, it’s back in the headlines again. So should you stop eating shrimps?

RIDA® Chloramphenicol Dotierlösung/Spiking Solution

Intended use:RIDA® Chloramphenicol Spiking Solution can be used for the production of positive control samples suitable for the validation (e.g. determination of the recovery rate) of the [...]

RIDASCREEN® Chloramphenicol

Intended use:RIDASCREEN® Chloramphenicol is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of chloramphenicol in milk, milk powder and dairy products, honey and royal jelly, meat, [...]

Beeware! There might be antibiotic residues in your honey

Bees are of great importance for humans: these busy little animals not only produce delicious honey, but also pollinate our crop plants – and thereby ensure our food production. However, even [...]

New applications for the screening of chloramphenicol in wine and enzymes

Since September 2013, residues of the antibiotic chloramphenicol have been detected in various imported enzyme products by the Rapid Alert System for Food & Feed of the European Union [...]