RIDA® ß-Agonists & Clenbuterol-Dotierlösung/Spiking Solution

Intended use:RIDA® β -Agonists Clenbuterol Spiking Solution can be used for the production of positive control samples, suitable for the validation (e.g. determination of the recovery rate) of [...]

RIDASCREEN® β-Agonists

Intended use:RIDASCREEN® β-Agonists is a competitive enzyme immuno­assay for the quantitative analysis of β-Agonists in urine, serum, meat, liver, milk and feed. General Information:β-Agonists, [...]

New screening method for the quantification of β-agonists

A fast and simple screening method for the detection of ß-agonists was developed by R-Biopharm AG: RIDASCREEN® ß-Agonists (Art. No.: R1704). Compared to the available RIDASCREEN® Clenbuterol [...]


β-Agonists such as Clenbuterol, Salbutamol and Ractopamine shift energy intake from fat deposition to muscle formation. Therefore, β-Agonists can be used as growth promoters (‘finishers’) in [...]