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Ensuring microbiological stability of wines throughout winter aging  

Microbial stability another important parameter to consider. Especially for the wines bottled unfiltered, it is a crucial measurement, in order to e.g. avoid post-fermentation in the bottle as well as off-flavor production. Our new GEN-IAL® QuickGEN PCR Kit Yeast universal is ideal as quality check before bottling. 

Ensuring microbiological stability of wines throughout winter aging  
Young red wines on the other hand, take (a little) longer to be bottled. They are often left to mature in wooden barrels for months or even years.  Some of them carry out malolactic fermentation (MLF), where the harsh malic acid is converted into softer lactic acid by lactic acid bacteria.

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Monitoring the progression of malolactic fermentation (MLF), but also conducting thorough microbial analyses e.g. screening for Brettanomyces bruxellensis and spoilage bacteria, elevates quality control standards and thus contributes to safeguarding organoleptic excellence of wines throughout winter aging.

How we can support you 
The optimal tool for checking the presence/absence of different bacteria & yeast species in wine are our GEN-IAL® PCR test kits. The major benefit of these qPCR tests is the short time-to-result. The modern GEN-IAL® QuickGEN test kits are user-friendly and can also be performed by small wine laboratories and PCR beginners. No pre-knowledge is needed. Thanks to a DNA preparation without pre-enrichment, pre-coated tubes and convenient thermocycler templates, the working steps are reduced and the test procedure is simplified. The result is already available within 2 hours – qualitatively or even quantitatively for Brettanomyces detection (CFU/ml). 

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Embark on a controlled exploration of your winter winemaking processes by delving into our broad enzymatic & qPCR portfolio. Uncover the details of how GEN-IAL qPCR kits and Enzytec test kits elevate quality control, from easy monitoring of key parameters up to the microbial status of your products.

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