Intended use:

Assay for the positive identification of species content (various) in raw samples:

  • ELISA-TEK™ Raw Mixed Species Kit: customized (Art. No. 510501)
  • ELISA-TEK™ Raw 3 Species Kit: cow, pig, poultry (Art. No. 510503)
  • ELISA-TEK™ Raw 4 Species Kit: cow, pig, poultry, sheep (Art. No. 510504)
  • ELISA-TEK™ Raw Beef Kit (Art. No. 510511)
  • ELISA-TEK™ Raw Pork Kit (Art. No. 510521)
  • ELISA-TEK™ Raw Poultry Kit (Art. No. 510531)
  • ELISA-TEK™ Raw Sheep Species Kit (Art. No. 510541)
  • ELISA-TEK™ Raw Horse Species Kit (Art. No. 510551)

General information:

This assay is designed to qualitatively determine animal species content in uncooked meat, poultry, meat products, eggs and milk. These test kits are based on species-specific antibodies and are capable of detecting as little as 1% of meat species content.

Art. No. 5105**
Test format 96 determinations

Incubation time 50 minutes
SDSrms-sds-150828-6.pdf (English)
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