Intended use:

Removal of Glucose excess in samples.

General Information:

Several enzymatic test kits like Lactose / Glucose or Sucrose / Glucose use the Glucose pathway, but these tests do not work properly when the sample contains a high Glucose concentration compared to the specific sugar. For this reason the instructions include a special protocol to remove the Glucose excess in the sample, by using the enzymes Glucose Oxidase (GOD) and catalase.  The present kit E3400 contains the reagents to apply this procedure on 32 samples.

This procedure is very useful for the determination of residual lactose in Lactose-free milk: the excess of Glucose is removed by using the Glucose remover E3400, then the sample is tested via the Lactose / Glucose assay (10986119035). In Germany, this combination is mandatory by law (§ 64 – ASU L01.00-90).

In addition to this, the Glucose Remover kit can be used in every case where a Glucose excess must be eliminated. This can be the case when using for example the Sucrose / Glucose (10139041035) or the Sucrose / Glucose / Fructose (10716260035) assays for the determination of sucrose in honey. The procedure can also be applied for the Maltose / Sucrose / Glucose (11113950035) and the Starch (10207748035) assays.


  • Ready-to-use: All reagents ready to use and stable for handling 32 samples.
  • Up-to-date: Similar to the German law § 64 for testing lactose-free samples.



Article NumbersE3400
Test format Reagents for 32 samples
Available application notes
  • Determination of Lactose in Lactose-free samples (on the basis of German law § 64 – L 01.00-90).
  • Determination of Lactose in Lactose-free milk or yogurt (simplified application for liquid samples only).
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