Lactose / D-Glucose

Art. No.: 10986119035

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Product info

Lactose / D-Glucose

Art. No.: 10986119035

Intended use

UV-method for the determination of lactose and D-glucose in foodstuffs and other materials.

General Information

The “Yellow line” kits are produced by Roche Diagnostics, previously Boehringer Mannheim, with more than 40 years experience in the production of the enzymes, which are the key element of each test. The Roche test kits have been used and validated worldwide for several decades, with many corresponding publications. They have been selected as reference methods by many international organizations (e.g. AOAC, IFU, IDF, ISO and OIV) and they are still the gold standard today.

Enzymatic testing in food analysis.

Reagents are partly lyophilized and must be reconstituted with water. After reconstitution, reagents have a limited stability (from 5 days to 8 weeks).

Standards are generally included in the kits (but not always, please check technical insert).


  • Reference quality for more than 40 years.
  • Approved by national and international organizations.
  • 29 tests for all requirements in the food industry.
Art. No10986119035
Test formatTest combination for 32 determinations each
Sample preparation1. Reconstitute the lyophilized reagents with water.

2. Pipette the reagent solutions and the sample into the cuvette, then mix.

3. Measure the photometric absorbance A1.

4. Pipette the enzyme reagent into the cuvette, then mix.

5. After 10 - 20 min incubation read the absorbance A2 and calculate the results with the Lambert-Beer law.
LOD (Detection Limit)7 mg lactose / L
4 mg D-glucose / L
Available application notes

Milk, skimmed milk, butter-milk, whey, sweetened sondensed milk, ice cream, margarine, butter, hard cheese, chocolate, instant baby food, restorative food, meat sausage, meat loafs, yogurt, milk powder, whey powder, fermentation samples, cell culture media

EvaluationUV-method (340 nm)