Lumitester SMART / PD-20 / PD-30 control kit

Art. No.: ZLC1002657

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Product info

Intended use

The check of Lumitester SMART and Lumitester PD-20 / PD-30 operation and the check of sensitivity can be performed by using this kit. This kit can generate a stable light by adopting automatic light control using LED.


  • Electric method using LED.
  • The fluorescence by a radioactive material is not used.
  • Stable light is generated by automatic light control.
  • Battery exchanging is unnecessary with rechargeable.
  • Charge time is about 30 seconds.
  • Luminescence duration: about 15 minutes.



Art. NoZLC1002657
Test formatPositive control lamp with charger and negative control tubes
Incubation time15 minutes
External link IVideo: practical use of the Lumitester + LuciPac Pen