Intended use:

Assay for the positive identification of species content in highly processed meat and bone meals:

  • MELISA-TEK™ Meat Species Ruminant Kit (Art. No. 510311)
  • MELISA-TEK™ High Sensitivity Extraction Kit (Art. No. 510391)
  • MELISA-TEK™ Meat Species Pork Kit (Art. No. 510321)

General information:

These assays are designed to detect porcine or ruminant muscle protein in meat and bone meals, as well as in animal feeds. These tests will detect porcine or bovine/ovine/caprine skeletal and cardiac muscle content in products processed at temperatures exceeding 133 °C and 3 bars of pressure (300 kPa) and can identify feeds containing banned tissues. These test kits are capable of detecting 1% meat and bone meal content in feeds (0.1 % when using the high sensitivity extraction kit) and as little as 0.05% of meat species content in meat products.

Art. No. 5103**
Test format 96 determinations
Incubation time 80 min
SDSmelisa-sds-150828-1.pdf (English)
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