Intended use:

Sampling device consisting of sterile swab in 10 ml sterile PBS buffer for quantitative detection of microorganisms in environmental samples in combination with Compact Dry medium systems.

General Information:

For application remove the swab and sample the surface (typically 100 qcm). Replace the swab and blend the sample by shaking the closed tube thoroughly (1:10 dilution). Pour 1 ml aliquots through the drop cap onto Compact Dry plates. The plates are incubated and examined for typical colonies. Wear gloves to prevent contaminations during handling.

Refer to the corresponding instructions for incubation and interpretation of individual medium systems.



Article NumbersZ0302
Test format 10 Swab tests in total,
each swab test consists of: 1 swab in 10 ml of sterile PBS buffer respectively.
Sample preparation For swab tests
MSDSmsdspromediast-25swabs-_english_.pdf (English)
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