Intended use:

RIDA® Sample Decolorant is used for the preparation of samples, such as:

  • Wine for RIDASCREEN® Histamine (enzymatic) (R1605)
  • Liver and feed for RIDASCREEN® Clenbuterol (R1711)

Thereby, RIDA® Sample Decolorant removes interfering substances by precipitation. Thereafter the samples can be analyzed according to the respective instructions for use or application note.


  • Up to 200 wine, 400 liver and 200 feed samples can be processed with the reagents in one package



Article NumbersR1699
Test format The reagents of one package are sufficient to extract e.g. 200 wine samples, 400 liver samples or 200 feed samples.
The kit includes 3 different reagents, 1 Set (600 samples).

Sample preparation Perform sample preparation according to respective instructions for use or application note.
Available application notes
  • Analysis of brewer’s yeast (R1699 + R1605 Histamine)
  • Wine: more sensitive (R1699 + R1605 Histamine)
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