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Training Videos on Gluten Analysis

A major problem of gluten analysis is the background contamination of cereal dust in the laboratory. Therefore, it is of prime importance to clean the lab with 60 % Ethanol before starting the analysis. The following training videos provide help for carrying out gluten analysis using the R5 dip stick RIDA®QUICK Gliadin in combination with Cocktail (patented) or ethanol extraction. These videos will also help to explain about these two important types of extraction:

This video will show you, how to analyse samples for their gluten content, first with the sandwich ELISA RIDASCREEN® Gliadin for processed and unprocessed samples and second with the ELISA RIDASCREEN® Gliadin competitive for hydrolyzed or fermented samples like beer, starch, syrup or sour dough:

The last video shows the procedure of allergen FAST ELISAs, as an example the analysis with the RIDASCREEN®FAST Casein is shown: