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Vitamin series – part 2 of 9: vitamin B12

Vitamins protect us every day. Without vitamins, muscles, metabolism and brain cannot perform. This is reason enough to get to know vitamins. In the 2nd part of our series, we introduce vitamin B12 (cobalamin).Hello,

I am vitamin B12.

I have a big family – 12 brothers and sisters. Some of us your body can make on its own, others must be ingested through a healthy diet.

Where can you find me?

Do you know which group I belong to? No?

Then I’ll tell you. I am found in foods such as fish, eggs, meat and dairy products. I am also called cobalamin. If you have an increased need for vitamin B12, you should eat offal, which is particularly rich in vitamin B12. Did you know that your body can store me for several years?

What am I useful for?

I am important for blood formation, the nervous system, cell division and metabolism. And a deficiency consequently leads to anemia, metabolic disorders, nervousness, depression and deteriorated vision.

If you eat a healthy diet, you should not suffer from any deficiency, but there are people who have an increased need such as older people, vegetarians, pregnant women and people with great psychological stress.

In the graphic you have again an overview of me. And so you can test in which foods I am.

Test now

Check back regularly and get to know my vitamin family.

Have fun,

Your vitamin B12