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We offer different automation solutions for your lab’s demand. The BoltTM is a modular 1-plate immunoassay analyzer for automated ELISA processing.

Automated ELISA processing

Due to time and cost reasons, automation plays an increasingly important role in laboratories. Each diagnostic has specific needs and demands that must be adapted to each laboratory‘s requirements. This is where R-Biopharm AG comes in with its solutions for automation.

In cooperation with our partner GSD, an expert in ELISA automation, we brought together our expertise in assay and instrumentation on the BoltTM. This ELISA platform perfectly works with our RIDASCREEN® ELISA kits.

General Information:

Fully-automated processing, modular design

A one-plate ELISA+CLIA processor, the BoltTM shares many features of the ThunderBolt®, but with a more customizable, lower throughput, cost-effective design. The BoltTM is a compact machine that provides all of the tools for processing ELISA or CLIA assays in a costeffective package.

Modular Design with Optional:

  • Convection Incubator
  • Linear Shaker
  • EIA or EIA+CLIA Reader*

*CLIA protocols require EIA+CLIA reader option


Experience the R-Biopharm ELISA automation concept with the BoltTM

Features & Benefits

  • Program any EIA or CLIA protocol
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Space Saving Design – Fits standard 60 cm lab bench
  • 96 Sample Capacity
  • High Precision Syringes
  • Exterior Status Indicator Light
  • LIS Connectivity
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Low Consumable Costs (No disposable tips)


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Test format 1 microtiterplate
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