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We offer different automation solutions for your lab´s demand. The ThunderBolt® is a convenient instrument for automated ELISA processing.


Automated ELISA processing on a small foot print

Due to time and cost reasons, automation plays an increasingly important role in laboratories. Each diagnostic has specific needs and demands that must be adapted to each laboratory‘s requirements.

This is where R-Biopharm AG comes in with its solutions for automation.

In cooperation with our partner GSD, an expert in ELISA automation, we brought together our expertise in assay and instrumentation on the ThunderBolt®. The ThunderBolt® is an ELISA platform for small to medium sample throughput for different laboratory requirements, which perfectly works with our RIDASCREEN® ELISA.

Experience the R-Biopharm ELISA automation concept with the new ThunderBolt®

ThunderBolt® features:

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Powerful Automation

Walk-away processing of virtually any EIA or CLIA assay: The ThunderBolt® offers automation features previously reserved for instruments many times the price and size. Streamline your workflow with fully automated processing, reading and reporting of results.


Ultimate Flexibility

Premium content, expert installation: Leverage a vast network of premium assays sourced from the best manufacturers around the globe. Program the ThunderBolt® to run virtually any EIA or CLIA assay with up to eight different protocols in a single batch.


Innovations Abound

Patented features mean dramatic benefits: With a host of patented features, ThunderBolt® automation gives your lab the speed and quality you demand.


Compact & Capable

Reclaim bench space, maintain capability: Even as the smallest and lightest instrument in its class, the ThunderBolt® packs a punch. Recover bench-top real estate occupied by bulky, outdated equipment by upgrading to ThunderBolt® automation. With a 2’ x 2’ footprint, and weighing in at a mere 65 pounds, the ThunderBolt® can easily be moved by one person.


Intuitive, Adaptable Software

Easy operation, in-depth analysis: Just like the hardware, the ThunderBolt® software provides all the features your lab requires, and more. Intuitive operation allows for easy training and ongoing use. The Test Designer allows for exceptional assay protocol adherence, and the Report Generator offers numerous reporting and analysis options that can be tailored to your lab’s needs.[/one_half]

Get the ThunderBolt® now!

Do you have questions concerning the ThunderBolt®? We will be glad to advise you.

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