Intended use:

Usage of Compact Dry ETB is a simple and safe test procedure for determination and quantification of enterobacteria in foods, cosmetics or raw materials – as well as pharmaceutical raw materials. The plates consist of a special 50 mm diameter petri dish containing a detection specific nutrient pad.

The ready-to-use, chromogenic Compact Dry plates are suitable for in-process controls as well as controls of finished products. With the Promedia ST-25 swab tests (Art. No. Z0302, available from R-Biopharm) Compact Dry plates may also be used for surface sampling and therefore applied for quantitative hygiene monitoring even at surfaces which are difficult to reach.

General information:

The Enterobacteriaceae are gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria which are typically 1-5 µm in length. They are facultative anaerobes and most are motile, but non-motile genera exist as well. Enterobacteriaceae can’t build oxidase and can be distinguished from similar genera by this criterion. Enterobacteriaceae are a normal part of the gut flora which is found in the intestinal tract of humans and animals. They are also spread widely in the environment (e.g. soil, water). Some genera are pathogenic and can cause serious diseases. Genera of Enterobacteriaceae are: Cedecea, Citrobacter, Enterobacter, Escherichia, Hafnia, Klebsiella, Kluyvera, Morganella, Proteus, Rahnella, Salmonella, Serratia, Shigella and Yersinia.


  • MicroVal - Certificate No. MV0806-002LR
  • NordVal - Certificate No. 034
Art. No. HS9431, HS9432
Test format 100 nutrient plates or 40 nutrient plates, respectively - – where four plates are packed in one aluminum bag
Incubation time 24 ± 2 h at 37 ± 1°C
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